Yvonne and Steven’s Wedding in Astina Chapel and Wedding Celebration in Asmara Gazebo, at The Ritz-Carlton Bali

Just before their wedding ceremony, Yvonne and Steven manage to steal some time to do their pre-wedding photo shoot in The Ritz-Carlton area.

The wedding itself was held in Astina Chapel, at The Ritz- Carlton Bali. The glass-decorated chapel creates a wonderful and bright atmosphere for the wedding. You can really see the joy on Yvonne and Steven’s face as they smiled towards the camera.

Their wedding cocktail was held in the surrounding of Astina Chapel, accompanied with the sounds of the wave and refreshing sea breeze. As you can see on the balloon-releasing picture, the effect was quite wonderful :).

The wedding was closed by a wedding dinner at Asmara Gazebo. Such a wonderful event indeed. Wish you both all the best, Yvonne and Steven!

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