Freedom Garvey and Damien Warr’s Wedding at Pranas Spa/The Villas, Seminyak

Freedom Garvey is a professional photographer in Australia; Damien (Taco) Warr is a professional surfer that won Best Overall Performance award in the Oakley/ASL Big Wave awards 2006. We expect their wedding to be a cool one, and nothing less than unique. Yet Freedom and Damien’s wedding truly re-define the word exotic. The Prana Villa and Spa with its Indian-Moroccan design is a perfect place for a dream-like wedding. Freedom’s unique light-green gown and her matching headscarf solidified the impression that we’ve managed to land ourselves in the land of moguls and princesses.

Both Freedom and Damien are very friendly and tremendously easy to work with. Romantic atmosphere was everywhere, but the fun and lively atmosphere was also there, helped by Freedom and Damien’s many friends and family. Her complete satisfaction for us (see her testimonial below) can only be out match by our pleasure on taking their wedding pictures. One word for their wedding: Awesome!
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From Freedom & Garvey:
My comments for Windee, with thanks….

We are extremely happy with Windee’s results. As a professional photographer myself, my requirements were very specific, and Windee was very accomodating to this. He was approachable & receptive to my own ideas as well as contributing his own great creative views on our photo shoot! The end result was artistic, striking images that captured our day perfectly. The quality and presentation of the Photo Factory’s album is second to none and I would have no hesitation recommending your services to others! Thank You!

Creative regards,

Freedom & Damien

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