Fung Wah & Fung Wing’s Wedding at Infinity Chapel, Conrad Bali Resort & Spa Hotel

Time passed by, wedding and pre-wedding captured, kind words given, and the next thing we know it’s our 300th testimonial already! Hooray! 300 testimonial have been posted in our website, and we hope that – like our clients – not only you enjoyed our work, but also it helps you in your wedding and/or pre-wedding arrangement. It’s a pleasure to work with our previous clients, and we hope to have more opportunity to work with more splendid people for years to come.

In this article, we wish to tell the tale of Fung Wah and Fung Wing’s wedding at Infinity Chapel, Conrad Bali Resort & Spa Hotel. They’ve been together since 2002, and still so in love with each other. Their happiness on their marriage, how they feel fulfilled and complete that they finally got married, it was so visible and Windee finds it incredibly beautiful to captured. See their story below and read their kind words below (that also mark our 300 milestone!), and you’ll understand how we feel about them. Enjoy :)

From Fung Wah & Fung Wing:

Windee, thanks for your magic hand to capture our precious moment. The photos are so so so natural and romantic. Can’t stop seeing the photos and every time they recall our sweet memories on 17-Sep.

Indeed regardless how the output was. Wing already said that I made a right choice after you left as we were so impressed by your attitude during photo shooting. We could feel that you were striving hard to help us capture every picture…and when we received CD on the next day, the photos are really beyond our expectation and is amazing. I can easy recall many good pieces of work from you.

Amazing picture – Remember you have taken a photo at Wing’s back? This picture told me how Wing’s was watching me to march in. it was so amazing when I saw this picture!

Unexpected picture – When I  request to take the picture with the word I wrote on the beach. I expect nothing but just to capture the word and my face. Again, you are so amazing to come up a fantastic picture with Infinity Chapel captured as background.

Romantic picture – Thanks for asking us to dance on beach. We have so much fun on it and the picture captured is so so so romantic…

Sunset picture – Indeed there is no nice sunset at Infinity Chapel but I still request it as we really love sunset picture. You simply said “Ok, Let’s try”. We can really feel that you try your best to capture it and this become one of our favorite photos. Nice sunset with Infinity Chapel. It was beyond the reality!

Last but not least, I were so so so impressed when you look at my face for a few seconds and try to locate the most nature beauty look from me (I know it is a bit hard…hehe). This really shows you are taking photo for your client from true heart.

So, yes, I made a right choice to invite you as our photographer as all these precious moment never come twice. I will definitely recommend to everyone who would like to take nature storytelling wedding photo in Bali.


Fung Wah & Fung Wing’s Wedding from PhotoFactory -Bali on Vimeo.

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