Vicki and Justin’s Wedding at Villa Pemutih

Fun fact about Vicki and Justin’s wedding at Villa Pemutih, taken from their e-mail to us:
– Theme/Style: Simple, yet stylish and elegant. Bali and our wedding venue (Villa Pemutih) has so much natural beauty and colour, so we chose to keep the colour theme white and green. Our guests were asked to dress in ‘beach chic’, where barefeet were encouraged! We wanted the day to be fun and laid back, but special all the same. I think we achieved this. A highlight from the day was during the ceremony, where all our guests made a circle around us and each person offered us a one word blessing. This was not only fun, it was so special.

– Personal touches: We added personal details to make our day unique: Rather than having table numbers, we had table names using places/countries that we had been to together and enjoyed. The guest book was a coffee table book with quotes and photography of love. The cake topper was made to replicate Justin and I.. I surprised Justin with this, he had no idea I had this organized until the cake came out on the day!

Psst, they contact us only 1 month before the wedding. Just love the photo results!

And a little more from them regarding our service below ;)
From Vicki & Justin:
Thanks for the photo albums, we are really happy with how it came together.

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