The Ritz-Carlton, Bali Resort & Spa Renamed Ayana Resort and Spa

For those who just recently browse our blog, you might wonder why you can’t find Ayana Resort and Spa in our blog. Fear not, my friends! PhotoFactory has been taking pictures in lots of Bali’s most beautiful and sought after venues for years, and Ayana Resort and Spa is no exception. The wonderful resort used to be called The Ritz-Carlton, Bali Resort & Spa until it changes its name to Ayana Resort and Spa on April 1 2009. As stated in their news release, the only thing changing is the resort’s name, while facilities and services will stay the same.

For your information, they have also maintained the names for their venues (e.g. Asmara Gazebo, Tresna Pavillion, etc). So if you feel like browsing a venue for your wedding (or even friends and family’s), simply browse Ayana Resort and Spa’s many venues in our archive under the title “The Ritz-Carlton”. And don’t forget to contact us, since we will be delighted to work with you in your event! Bravo for Ayana Resort & Spa!

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