Tania and Kamen’s wedding at Asmara Gazebo, Ayana Resort and Spa Bali

I usually love to write something about the couple for our blog, but this time I think it is best to re-wrote some excerpt from what this wonderful couple has wrote for us instead. It’s just so touching! FYI, the priest came all the way from Singaraja (North Bali), and it takes more than 3 hours to reach Ayana from Singaraja!

“After our dream wedding and very beautiful memories afterwards in Indonesia we are back home. There are a lot of friends and relatives who wants to see our pictures and hear our impressions about the way we had chosen to do the wedding. Normally in Bulgaria people are doing very big weddings with all relatives, friends to the relatives, friends, colleagues :-).  That was a hard decision as we have very strong connections with our families, but when everybody sees the pictures they could understand why we decided Indonesia – that was a dream come through :-). That was our day, just for both of us.

We like very much the idea to take part in the wedding session. We are very proud with everything we did and we will be happy to share our experience with other people. Very important to us is the fact that all the people who took part in the organization also think that the ceremony was unique and our wedding somehow made them also happy.

We love travelling and adventures and every year we visit a different place. This March we decided that we will have our wedding in Bali. We had just 1,5 months to do everything.  In this 1,5 months  I found you, Ayana. As you also know I had some problems with the legalization of my documents as I’m Bulgarian and Kamen is a German citizen. I was told 10 days before the wedding that we should have a protestant wedding because there is no orthodoxy priest in Bali. I found him and I was very happy that we will have an orthodoxy ceremony.  I woke up every morning at 5 o’clock because the time difference between Bulgaria and Indonesia is 6 hours and we had to clarify the details and solve the unexpected problems.
Normally we start organizing our trips 10 months in advance :-)).

First the idea was to make the wedding on the beach and to wear white swimming suits. I decided that despite of all I want a white dress. I didn’t know what it should be look like. I just knew that it should be something special. I liked a Rosa Clara model, but I didn’t have time to order it so I had to find a solution.  One of the famous Bulgarian designers Sashka Kovacheva is our close friend so she agreed to make the dress.  That was great because I had a chance also to do something for my wedding dress. The dress has a very rich stone and pearl decoration so I decided that I want to do the decoration my self.  That was hard as I had never sewed in my life.  880 Swarovski stones and 660 Swarowski pearls) that was a challenge. The problem was that Kamen didn’t have an idea that I will be wearing a dress so I worked during he was sleeping. The result was amazing.  Shoes were from Bulgarian manufacturer also decorated with Swarowski crystals.  I had to tell Kamen that I will be with something different then a swimming suit. So a week before the wedding he bought a Kenzo suit, Kenzo shirt, JOOP tie (I also didn’t know that before I saw him at the wedding ceremony).
He was a surprise for me, I was a surprise for him :-).

My hair was done by my best woman Nevena. We went together to my hairdresser Vassil Mihailov (Stephan Academy)10 days before the wedding. He watched at us very strange as we were trying to do something very unreasonable. He was very kind to make me a hairstyle for the wedding and give us all the accessories we will need. He told us that his students in the academy are learning this for months. :-)))I want to see his face when I show him the pictures. Nevena is an actress (before she gave birth she dances in the world famous group of Neshka Robeva)  she had very good sense about hair, make up and beauty. I was very calm with her.
It was very funny when we were packing the luggage trying to hide everything one from each other.

I would like to thank you that you convinced me to make pictures of the preparation. The photographs were really great. They were like ghosts around us, so gentle and kind al the time. The pictures they did are breath taking.

When the gates were opened and I saw Kamen I wanted to scream to the world:
“Oh God, how much I love him!”

That was our day and you did it. Thank you!”

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