Hot News: Singapore Prewedding with Windee!

Imagine combining Windee’s natural work with Singapore feel

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Travelling and capturing the beauty of local area is familiar for Windee , and in fact his early works were taken from different part of the world from majestic Istanbul to beautiful Prague. Singapore, a unique city-country and melting pot of various culture, undoubtedly entice him to do photo shoot. And what is better than to capture the beautiful city along with the romance of some happy couples!

For Singapore brides-to-be who ever so interested in taking pre-wedding photos by Windee but doesn’t have time to visit Bali, here’s your chance. It is also a great chance for all happy couples who wish to do photo shoot with Windee while enjoying holiday (also read: shopping ;) ) in Singapore. For couples who previously work or study in Singapore, it’s a good reason to come back and reminiscence the good ol’ days, and let Windee capture the moments for you. Any reason to spend good time with your loved one and preserve your love in beautiful pictures is always a good reason indeed.

The pre-wedding photo shoot will be held in Singapore on October 10 – 12, 2009. Although it is entitled as “Pre-wedding photo shoot”, those of you that have happily married are gleefully accepted as well :D . Kindly e-mail us at with subject “Singapore Pre-Wedding” for details regarding this wonderful opportunity. Better move quick, since the chance is only offered to limited number of couples.
So prepare your outfit, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll see you soon in Singapore!

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