Sarah Parker and Jarrod Brumby’s Wedding at Niksoma Boutique Resort, Bali

A doctor on your guest list will always come handy for any occasion. Better safe than sorry. And speaking of which, that makes Sarah and Jarrod’s wedding one of the safest wedding ever, since not one, but 20 doctors were there including the bride and groom themselves. Talking about safe precautions :) ! Nevertheless, despite all the white decor there was no usual strict and sterile atmosphere that you usually get from the hospital or doctors. In fact, the wedding and the dinner that follow was so wonderful that we were able to capture great pictures.

Jarrod was positively beaming next to the bride, and we can understand why. Just like all doctors, we believe Sarah will look like an angel in her white coat, but on her wedding she looks absolutely angelic in her white gown. Read their testimonial about our service below. Sorry Dr. Ross (ER) and move over Dr. Grey (Grey’s Anatomy¬Ě) because this is the kind of doctors that we prefer. Congratulations Sarah and Jarrod!

From Sarah & Jarrod:
Hi Windee,

Thank you so much once again. The DVD was such a lovely surprise, it captured the day perfectly – and the song you picked was lovely. We were absolutely thrilled with the all of the photos, and the 70 you choose for the master shots were brilliant. You made us feel so relaxed and at ease on the day, and all of the candid moments you captured were just what we were hoping for. Thank you for so beautifully capturing our special day.

Thank you again,
Sarah & Jarrod

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