Saiyou and Yanwei’s Wedding at Bulgari Hotels and Resorts Bali

Bulgari has always been associated with luxury, therefore it is a small wonder to see refine elegance in Saiyou and Yanwei’s wedding at Bulgari Hotels and Resorts Bali. Their small group of family joining them all the way from Shanghai for the wedding, making their wedding one of the most intimate yet fun weddings we have. Just look at their smile, aren’t they lovely?

From Saiyou and Yanwei:

[The album and photo clip] were both fantastic!
If I had doubt, I am now fully convinced by the quality product of PhotoFactory.

Thank you and the crew for the wonderful work in such a short period of time.
Please send my regards to the make-up artist and the photographers!

And another one:
It’s been a while since our wedding and we enjoyed PhotoFactory’s service very much indeed.
We have especially liked the photo session. Thank you very much for the fantastic work.
I will surely recommend to my friends in the future.
In any case that we will be in need of PhotoFactory’s service again, I will let you know.
Once again thank you and wish you a very happy New Year.

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