Ryoko and Andrew Norden’s Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Celebration at Ayana Villa, The Ritz-Carlton Bali

The Ayana, which means “a place of refuge” in Sanskrit, was the chosen wedding venue for Ryoko and Andrew Norden. Their wedding was held at the Ayana Gazebo, accompanied only by selected wedding guests. You can see traces of Andrew’s origin from the little details in the bouquet and his little baby’s outfit. Okay, Andrew’s outfit was also a major hint ;).

After that the happy family went for a horse carriage ride and back to Ayana Villa again to have their wedding dinner with the guests. Although half of the guests were Japanese, language was not an issue as they lift their glasses together and wish happiness for the newly wed. See their testimonial below. Cheers, Ryoko and Andrew!

From Ryoko and Andrew:
Punctual and professional services.

Thank you very much.
Ryoko and Andrew

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