Rayne and Mark’s Wedding at Mu’s Place, Bali

Rayne and Mark’s wedding at Mu’s Place was surely one of the weddings that leaves everyone happy and joyful, and will definitely be remembered forever.

Rayne, the beautiful osteopath, was simply radiant in her white dress. Her head accessories and feet accessories really enhanced her uniqueness as she walked barefooted to the altar. The sounds of wave became the background music of their wedding; and as they say their wedding vow, love rules.

The wedding celebration of this wonderful couple, who both are athletes (Rayne rows and Mark join Tour de Cure Australia), was held afterward in the same place underneath the big full moon. Watch their video here. There is no better place to held and celebrate a great wedding than Bali, a truly magical place!

After the wedding, Rayne and Mark wrote down a wonderful testimonial regarding our service. Many thanks and congratulations Rayne and Mark, we wish you a wonderful life together!

From Rayne and Mark:
Hello Windee and the rest of the photography and Video Team

Mark and I just wanted to give you the warmest of thank you’s for the fabulous job you did in capturing our day.The photos and the video were nothing short of perfect and the speed with which you produce such high quality work is nothing short of amazing.

Thanks you again for making our wedding memories so beautiful.

All the best!

Rayne and Mark

And one more for VideoFactory:
I wanted to send a thank you for the amazing video you put together for us. (May 9 2009, Mu Bingin Beach)

We thought the quality of the filming, the capture of special moments and the professional manner in which you did everything was brilliant. It is amazing you can produce such a high standard in
such a short amount of time.

As part of our family could not be there, it will be a great way for them to get experience the ceremony.

We will cherish it forever.

Thank you

Rayne and Mark Watkin

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