Priscilla and David’s Wedding at Four Seasons Sayan

From the start, Priscilla and David knew they wanted good photos and videos of their wedding. Which is a very good decision as weddings tend to go by so quickly that you will be so delighted to have the photos and videos to relive the day. They both were so much fun to work with and have such a splendid wedding, working with them at Four Seasons Sayan Ubud was definitely our July highlight!

From Priscilla and David:
Thank you so much. You team is incredible and the photos and video just amazing. Better than we had expected and we had very high hopes. :-)

So many people have praised the photos so highly and yes we would love to write a testimonial.
The website looks fantastic.

And another one:
We were married on the 21st of July at Four Seasons Sayan. The most spectacular day of our lives. and we have the perfect memories of the event in stunning stills and video. We had 4 people from PhotoFactory to capture our special day. When the ceremony took place there were times when we didn’t even know that we were being photographed by them. They always had the best point of views and didn’t have to take a thousand shots to capture the right moment.

We have previous experience with professional photographers in Bali, and needless to say, PhotoFactory is not only more professional and engaging but the sheer hit rate on pictures we want to put on the wall went from 5% to 95%. It has been so wonderful to enjoy these pictures and videos with members of the family, no need to skip past any parts, or explain bad angles. All the shots made us look great and all the video was just the right parts of the scenes.

Thank you PhotoFactory for capturing our day as beautifully as it truly was.

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