PhotoFactory supports WWF

One of PhotoFactory’s purposes is “to contribute for a better world”. As a part of that commitment we support the World Wildlife Fund by making a regular donation and helping to raise awareness on WWF’s wildlife conservation efforts.

The first plant appeared on earth 470 million years ago, the first land vertebrates 375 million years ago. Humans first appeared on earth just 2 million years ago, comparatively late. And yet we now represents a threat to biodiversity, including ourselves.

“If all the insects were to disappear from the earth, within 50 years all life on earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish.”

– Jonas Salk

“The worst thing that can happen during the 1980s is not energy depletion, economic collapse, limited nuclear war, or conquest by a totalitarian government. As terrible as these catastrophes would be for us, they can be repaired within a few generations. The one process ongoing in the 1980s that will take millions of years to correct is the loss of genetic and species diversity by the destruction of natural habitats. This is the folly that our descendents are least likely to forgive us.”

– E.O. Wilson, 1985

Read more about WWF & their programs and get their free, stunningly beautiful app to get to know some of the most amazing creatures on earth better.

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