Peta Douglas and Ben Costins’ Groovy Wedding at Alila Ubud

An awesome, laid-back-style lady plus her equally awesome gentleman, add in some funky yet lovingly friends and families, choose the right photographer, and you’ll have the right equation for a splendid wedding and memories that will last for life :)

Working with Peta and Ben (plus all their guests!) at Alila Ubud was a fun and fulfilling work indeed. And we are glad to know that they are equally happy as well. Just read their comments below. Keep rockin’, Peta and Ben!

After the wedding:
“We’ve just returned to civilisation (ie mobile reception) so my apologies for the late reply – we received the pics, the album is simply divine and thank you SO much for the print!!! You spoilt us!!! I’ll have a look at the THOUSAND odd photos and write a proper email soon xxx”

Later by e-mail:

“Thank you so much for being a part of our very special day!  The photos of the day have turned out absolutely beautifully. I have had numerous comments from our friends and family complimenting both the photography as well as the exceptionally friendly team who helped us throughout the day.  Personally, I was hoping to observe your actions throughout the day as I am a fan of your photography though, and this is truly a testament to your style, for the majority of the event we weren’t aware a picture was being taken until it was done!  Not only was it very sneaky ;) it also very un-intrusive and, as I’m sure you noticed, allowed for our family to relax and interact as they normally would!

On that note, congratulations on getting through the evening in one piece – our families can be pretty crazy at times!  Both Ben and I are truly blessed with those who surround us.

We thought of you later in the evening – Ben and I were the last to leave the dining area (my Brother Alan, Jody the cake cutter and my cousin Steve had already made their way to our room to continue the celebrations) I would have loved if you were still there at around midnight as Bride and Groom, in full wedding attire, were caught by a sudden downpour of rain as we made the trek to the top of the driveway.  I would have LOVED to have gotten some photos of us soaking wet, laughing uproariously and having an amazing time in the rain!

Thank you for making the events of the day not only smooth running but fun and full of laughter!  The hair and make-up team put up with a lot from my huge group of ladies and they were delightful to work with!  Particular mention though must go to Ary.  She has made this experience so easy while remaining professional at all times.  Ary is a fantastic young lady and I cannot speak highly enough of her service during and after the wedding day.

Again, I thank you and your team for such a wonderful experience, Ben and I will treasure our pictures and mementos of the day for the rest of our lives!

Your sincerely, Peta Costins & Ben Costins”

Peta & Ben’s wedding at Alila Ubud from PhotoFactory -Bali on Vimeo.

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