Nataliya and Engin’s Wedding at Tirtha Uluwatu, Bali

Difficult it may to believe, the pictures below are taken at a real life wedding of Nataliya and Engin at Tirtha Uluwatu and not magazine-staged. Yes, you can indeed have a superb wedding as in magazine. All you need is proper planning, great photographer, and strong, amazing love for each other that shone through ;)

From Nataliya and Engin after the wedding:
Thank you very much, dear Ary!
We enjoyed working with you a lot!
Small albums are very-very nice!!!!

Warm Regards,
Nataliya and Engin

And one more:
Dear Ary, we liked pictures a lot! Thanks to your professionals.

Regarding your service – it was great, I asked Tirtha bridal specifically for PhotoFactory to make our photo shooting.
I really liked that your guys treated seriously my ideas and printed out the samples we sent. I had many ideas from the internet like balloons, doves, teddy bears, at the end when people looked at our beautiful album they were completely astonished :).
Thank you very much for the big picture you gave us, we will hang it in our new apartment!
Our album is really nice, I was afraid smaller ones will be really small and uncomfortable, but they turned out to be very cool! Our parents took it everywhere with them to show to their friends our wedding. We loved the albums.
Also thanks a lot for the CDs, we like that we have all the pictures, but at the same time a set of polished ones from the album also on our CD.

In general, your service is great and we definitely will suggest your company for our friends who are crazy like we to go to another end of the world to get married :)!

Thank you for amazing service!

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