Minh and Hieu’s Pre-wedding in Bali

The formula: Two Vietnamese in Love + spectacular day in Bali + PhotoFactory team = Fabulous photo shoot and photo results! Yup, that’s the correct formula alright.

Minh and Hieu later wrote glowing testimonial on how happy they were with the photo shoot and the results. But then again, from Alila Ubud to Nusa Dua’s Waterblow it was a merry and fun trip with Minh and Hieu, it’s hard to tell who is happier with the experience, as the pleasure is also ours ;).

A note from Minh:
Hi Ary,
Below is comment of my cousin when seeing the photos haha. Your work is very impressive ^_^
“omg the photos!!! you 2 are sooooooooooo sweet!! and the photos are soooooooooooooooo nice!!! so natural and so happy !!!!! they”re real! real you and him!!! amazing! great shots!!!! i love the beach photos!!! so joyful!!! and natural!!! and the one in wedding dress!! (number 55) where is that!!!! swimming pool?!?
(Alila Ubud’s infinity pool) looks great!!!!”

More from Minh and Hieu:
Hi Photo Factory team,

We’ve been back to Vietnam, still look at the photos everyday, my new hobby… i think :) and would like to express our appreciation for your work.

Thanks Ary for your kindness and helpfulness during the very first day we were in Bali. You did not only sat together with us for hour showing the pictures, the beautiful places for shooting, consulting us on how we should arrange the day but also help us with tiny problems of two travelers coming to Bali for the first time. We had a real fun discussion and lunch that day.. Thank you for all the excellent arrangement afterwards as well.

Thanks Yani for your gorgeous make up and hairdo. You made me just like a lovely princess in the fairy tale even though I am a bit too old for that :”> Thank you for assisting us very carefully during the shooting session too.

Thanks Adit and Ario for your great “capturing the moments”. All the photos look very natural and lovely and express our love and happiness at most (should be like that as Ario kept saying “feel the love..” haha)

Again, thank you all the team for your great work.

Maybe one day, we can have another shooting session…in Vietnam. What do you think?


Minh & Hieu

And a warm New Year greeting:
Dear PhotoFactory,

I would like to send my thanks and wishes for the new year to your crew, (Ary, Adit, Yani (hair dresser), and Ario) who helped me and my wife make an impressive photo album.

Happy and prosperous year


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