Melissa Pang and Austin Budiono’s Blessed Wedding at The Infinity Chapel, Conrad Bali

Melissa Pang and Austin Budiono’s vintage-themed wedding at The Infinity Chapel in Conrad last December was a blessed wedding indeed, and we’re so happy for them. During the correspondency both of them are really fun and easy to correspond with.

Before the wedding, Melissa told us that she will not use a Balinese rain stopper. Being Catholics, not only their priest, even the rain stopper himself forbade them from using a rain stopper! So they decided to just trust everything in His hand. And as you can see from all the pictures, the day was really sunny and the sky was clear all the way through the wedding celebration. And it’s in December, the supposedly rainy season, mind you :) . A blessed one indeed!

Their wedding celebration is one of the most interesting ones we’ve ever seen. The light play on their marquee is simply gorgeous, and the Balinese dancers that ask everyone to dance with them were fun, too.

Psst, if you’re looking where Austin is in this last picture, he is at the back playing the drum with his family band, the Budiono Band ;). Congratulations to Melissa and Austin for your beautiful and blessed wedding!

Update: read their testimonial below. Many thanks Melissa and Austin!
We appreciate all your best services towards our pre & post wedding.. You are the BEST!! The BEST in everything.. Whenever we look at our wedding photos and showed them to our friends, they’re bringing the memories back to life.. We can see & feel the excitement, the joy, the worry and Windee and his assistant had captured them all :)

For sure, we will enjoy the canvas and we can’t thank you enough for everything.

Keep in touch.

Melisa & Austin

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