Lily and Albert’s Prewedding Photo at The Bale, Bali

Although Lily was sick a few days before the photo shoot, she insisted on going to Bali to do the photo shoot. And we sure glad she did! Lily and Albert was a perfect picture of what we called “The best of two worlds”. She was chatty, he was calm; she was very outgoing, he was cool. Albert is an IT guy but people constantly (and mistakenly) took him as an artist. That is (perhaps) why their photos look so artistic :) .

Their photo tour starts in the morning at The Bale, a beautiful resort in Nusa Dua, and ends at beautiful sunset in Canggu Beach. She really enjoys our work and has already put her photos in Facebook the day after the photo shoot! See what they say about our service below. Thank you very much, Lily and Albert. It sure is nice to be appreciated! Hope to see you both again in Bali!
-Windee, Ary-

From Lily and Albert:
Dearest Windee & The Crew:
Thank you for the wonderful photo shooting today.
We appreciated your guidance for us. And the professionalism of your staffs.
Hope we would be seeing you in the near future.

Best Regards,
Albert Lam

Quotation from the couple’s letter to their Hong Kong prewedding coordinator:
Albert and I had a great time doing the photo shot, the photographers are such nice, fun and smart persons, we really enjoyed our time with the crew. PhotoFactory’s makeup artist did my makeup and hair and it was wonderful, as I forgot to bring my pictures on the hairstyle and makeup, but it turned out just as I expected. She also did magic on the makeup, as I was really sick prior to going to Bali , with horrible dark eye circle, not only did she make me look beautiful, but you couldn’t tell that I was sick at all. And the makeup was not too heavy, it was just right. And thank you so much for wiping all the sweat off of me, it was a very hot and humid day, and we really felt bad that the whole crew were under the beating of the sun together with us for so long.

At first we were a bit shy and really didn’t give them a lot to go for. The crew started making jokes, and we were a lot more at ease and started having fun. They also helped and directed us on how to do the photos, and it was all very natural, nothing posed like in a studio. Most of our friends commented on how great the pictures looked and how natural it looked (they mentioned that it looked like someone who took a very romantic daily picture). Although the crew might have had a bit of a challenge dealing with Albert’s hair, since it was so long, and the beach was very windy, the pictures turned out great, and my man looked very handsome. And we especially loved the infrared pictures, as they looked so surreal and absolutely stunning. We also had fun chatting with the crew about Bali , and many many fun topics, and I definitely won’t forget their advice about walking in the rain under the smallest umbrella we could find…. Hahaha

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