Lena and Denis’ Post-Wedding Photo Tour, Bali

As a little child I always wonder, what happened after the prince and princess manage to get away from evil Baba Yaga? Surely they’ll live happily ever after, but alas, the picture in the story book always incomplete and makes me wonder, “What happen next?” Now I know. Seeing Lena and Denis’s post wedding photos is like finding the last page(s) of the book and transport me back to the childhood memories of “happily ever after”. Yet this young Russian couple is more than just a page in the book, they are lively real and delightfully friendly. Newly married Lena and Denis came all the way from historical St. Petersburg and was on their honeymoon in Bali. Their warm personality creates a wonderful atmosphere for the post-wedding photo session, where we (Lena-Denis and The Photo Factory team) talked together and have fun and create great photos as the result.

But the pleasure does not end there. The dinner with Windee, Diana, and Stella that follow was a fine dinner, in which pleasant conversation was exchanged, from daily stories to the movie Anastasia and Once Upon a Time in America. The Russian is known to have a rich culture, and after meeting Lena and Denis, I guess it is safe to say that Russian also have a rich personality, one that we will not forget for a very long time. Read their testimonial below. Congratulations on your wedding, Lena and Denis. For us, Russia will always have the same ring as warmth from now on!
PS: An ultimate tip from Lena to all Russians: Do not open a Solarium in Bali! :)

From Lena & Denis:
Now we know what you should to do if you want to get very professional, creative and wonderful wedding photos in a short time. You need to go to Bali and find The Photo Factory. Our thanks to all Photo Factory’s team which work with us. Thanks to Lina who answered million and million our questions and help us planning the photo session. Thanks to make up artists for beautiful make up and hair style. And of course thanks to Windee and the second photographer for great job. As a result, photos, which we received are truly magic. There are more than a photos, it is a history of our love, memory about the wonderful honeymoon. We had great time during our photo session, it was funny and easy. Believe us, The Photo Factory’s team knows what you need ever better than yourself. We have already looked through our albums hundreds times and we want to look them again and again. Parents and all our friends falling in love with these pictures. Now Our albums give comfort to us in cold Russian evenings.
And one more very important thing for us: Now Lena knows what to say to man who sneezed. (Thank you Windee:))

Sincerely yours,
Denis and Lena

Later via Facebook:

Hi, Guys! Nice to see you again again here! You are great professionals and Facebook is one more chance for us to thank you for our beautiful, loving, inimitable pictures.

Thank you again and again and wish you good luck!

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