Kunali and Yohaan’s Two Day Wedding Celebration at Como Shambhala Estate, Ubud

It’s Kunali and Yohaan! Yes, THAT awesome couple’s second day of wedding celebration in Bali. Beside Bali, they also held their wedding celebration in two other countries. Talkin about grand celebration! In their last day of celebration in Bali, Kunali and Yohaan choose Como Shambhala Estate in Ubud as their venue. Truth to tell, their first day of celebration in Villa Arika was a truly awesome one, and we just can’t wait for the second day celebration to start. We silently wonder how Kunali and Yohaan can stay so cool and wonderful! The evening was opened with a colossal dance of Kecak, with all the guests watching in awe, followed with Fire dance. And after that, the event was pure fun, with dance and music and lights, all the way till the end. Dear Kunali and Yohaan, your wedding celebrations was such a blast and we’re honoured to capture them for you. Wish you both all the best! -Ary-



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