Kelly Chan and Tyran Kam’s Wedding at Tirtha Uluwatu and Wedding Dinner at The Ritz-Carlton Bali Resort

This January, Kelly Chan and Tyran Kam held their wedding at the prestigious Tirtha Uluwatu.
The white gown and white chapel interior really reflects the solemn and holy atmosphere of the event, and also brings out the best from the beautiful bride.

After the wedding and cake cutting (a unique cake indeed, if we may say so!), the whole party went to The Ritz-Carlton Resort Bali to have the wedding dinner at Chandra Surya. Read their testimonial below. Wish you all the best, Kelly and Tyran!

From Kelly & Tyran:
Thank to Windee and his team for their work.
Overall I love the pics. Windee captured the happy moments and I’m glad to seee so many faces of my guests on the pics.

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