Joyce and Horace’s Wedding at Conrad Bali

“Grow old along with me, The best is yet to be”

Just like a part of their wedding quote, their wedding gets better and better as the time goes. Joyce and Horace’s big day in Conrad started with games, in which the grooms and his friends had to face many challenges. The tea ceremony was up next, followed by their wedding which was really solemn and beautiful, accompanied by Conrad’s acapella choir. And their smile never falters. Even during the wedding cocktail in the Azure Court and their wedding dinner afterwards, their faces just simply getting happier. We can’t help being so happy for them. Wish you both the best, Joyce and Horace! Watch their video here, and read their testimonial below.

From Joyce & Horace:
Dear Windee,
Happy New Year!!! We’ve just back from Taiwan.
Thank you very much Windee, Diana and PhotoFactory for giving me such a wonderful memory.

Windee’s team is truly amazing and professional. Starting from consultation to production, we were hassle-free. We were so happy and thankful when we received our wedding video and album CD. Every snapshot was so natural and beautiful. We are proud of using Photo Factory as our wedding photographer.
For video, I was so appreciating that the music you used was so touching. You used the live choirs music (original music) for our wedding ceremony, you had given me an unforgettable memory in the Infinity Chapel.

Thank you very much of all hard work you put into taking the photos and producing the video for us.

Horace & Joyce

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