Joanna and Ed’s Wedding at Conrad Bali Resort & Spa Hotel

Some of our clients are like old friends, we converse with them so many times before the wedding we just know how they are and what the wedding would be, which is fun indeed :) . Yet others, like Joanna and Ed, trust us implicitly and choose to discuss the really necessary details closer to the date. We got excited on how it would be because like you all (probably) agree, there’s nothing like a good surprise ;) .

And guess what, on the day it was like capturing the wedding of a good friend. Their small yet simple wedding at Conrad Bali Resort & Spa Hotel proves to be a very beautiful one, and they were one of the nicest couple we’ve ever met and work with. It was really fun and wonderful. Watch their wedding video here. Later on they told us how much they enjoy the day. Read their kind words below!
After the wedding:

“We already got all the DVDs and edited photos. They are beautiful !!  =) Also, thanks very much for the framed photo on canvas =). We like it a lot !!

Deep thanks for Windee and his team for making such a beautiful memory for us !! We sure will recommend PhotoFactory to our friends !!!”

And later by separate e-mail:

“Thanks Windee !

Our Bali trip was full with laughter, love and fun. And definitely, you did a great job on our wedding day. We actually review the photos at least once every day after backing to Hong Kong. Thanks again Windee! =) We will absolutely recommend you to our friends!

Cheers and keep in touch,

Ed and Joanna”

Joanna and Ed, we thoroughly enjoy it as well! Many congratulations!

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