Grace & Steven’s Pre-Wedding in Bali

The beauty of Bali is that it has so many beautiful places, even in downtown Denpasar. Grace and Steven experience the beauty of Bali (and also takes beautiful pictures!) in the Bali War Museum of Bajra Sandhi. The trip was continued with another Bali beautiful spot, sunset at Canggu Beach. It was definitely a break for them from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong (where they came from), and for us, it was another great day of photo shooting. Read Grace and Steven’s kind comments below.

From Grace and Steven:
Hello Dayu,

Thank you for sending the lovely pictures! Nicely done and both Grace and I loved it. The gift is fantastic as well…thanks again! Last but not least, big thank you to Windee and his team for the wonderful experience and of course to you as well. Let’s keep in touch and hope all the best to you!

Steven & Grace

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