Grace and Willy’s Wedding at Villa Ombak Luwung, Bali

To be a bride, saved by a handsome prince, and to “live happily ever-after” are three of every girls dearest dream. That’s why we’re quite green with envy after seeing Grace-Willy’s wedding pictures. Not only that Willy dressed up neatly and has to pass several difficult tests to finally force himself in to her room (yes, you read that right!) before he can take the hand of fair Grace for their Tea Ceremony; Grace also become the pretty bride in White at the end of the day. That’s two dreams already, ladies and gentlemen! As Grace waited anxiously in her tower (read: room in the villa), her prince in shining armor (or awesome traditional Chinese costume) a.k.a Willy is getting ready for his quest (read: tasks made by faithful yet mischievous friends). Luckily Willy has the knights (read: his loyal friends) to help him on his quest. After a series of gruesome tasks that include getting and eating wasabi balls from a bowl of flour and new-style swimming act Willy was finally able to claim Grace’s hand.

The Tea Ceremony that followed has a strong yet fun atmosphere, in which Willy and Grace showed their respect to their parents, elder, and also their traditional roots. The red decoration which strongly accentuate the games and tea ceremony was nothing less than beautiful and it radiates strength and confidence all round. Yet the frail and innocent white that becomes the color theme for the Wedding ceremony was simply remarkable as well. And as Grace gracefully walk down the aisle, and stand besides the beaming Willy in front of the altar, we put our envy aside and solemnly pray that they will have the last dream come true, to “live happily ever after”. Congratulations Grace and Willy!

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