Fency and James’ Delightful Bali Pre-wedding

Fency and James came from Jakarta for the photo shoot, and they surely describe the word fun. Fency is very cheerful and she was really fun to correspond with (which lasted well over a year!). She was so excited for the photo shoot and prepare everything carefully, even the dresses ;) . We heard that James was a bit quiet and can be a bit groggy posing for camera, but he was great during the photo shoot, all smile and happy face. Groovy!

From Fency and James after they return to Jakarta:
We miss Bali so much..so we’ve booked hotel reservation and flight for February and September 2010 right as we got back to Jakarta, hahaha.

The photo result was great, better than what we expected due to the unpleasant weather. The team were easy and fun to work with, it was really relax and casual which makes us also feels relax and not too stiff, although normally we both don’t really enjoy people taking photos of us. We are satisfied with the results and the photo session was fun as well. We’d love to have a post wedding photo session with you later.

Hope to meet you both again, Fency and James!

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