Edith and Zico’s Prewedding Photo Tour

Last November we had the pleasure in taking pre-wedding photo shoot of Edith and Zico. Edith Wong was a finalist for Miss Hong Kong, and also a renowned celebrity and TV presenter in Hong Kong. Yet in spite all of the prestigious title, what really astonish me is their positive attitude. To us, this couple is a guru in positive thinking, and you can almost see halos above their head. We’ve got the proof during our photo session with them. It rained before (and still drizzle during) photo shoot in the rice field, yet Edith and Zico went in the mud cheerfully. Their comment: “The mud feels nice”. Talking about positive thinking.

We were planning to make the rocky beach photo the last shot of the day. We never imagine the wave got so high it got our three cameras! Needless to say, this is our last shot afterall :). One of the cameras needed to be repaired right away, but it is a fair price for such great photos of this wonderful couple. Edith and Zico, thank you for your wonderful and take-it-easy attitude in every situation, thus letting us get great shots of you guys. It sure was fun! -Windee, Ary-

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