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Coffee Table Book

Valid from 1 January 2015 until replaced
Government regulation: payments made from within Indonesia must use local currency IDR

Our coffee table books offers superior quality and best image results. All images in them are enhanced in color and monochromes (e.g. black & white). Our natural editing style and the sleek individual arrangement of your photos ensure the design will be an instant classic and last for generations.

Printed with the most advanced printing machine with the most precise color calibration to date, the book shows your images with the most beautiful colors & brilliance and without gutter loss so the images can be spread across two pages. The superior quality material, binding technique and laminate preserve their appearance for years to come.

25×25 cm. Delivery in 10 weeks. Delivery to home address at an extra charge.

40 Pages

  • 100 Photos

60 Pages

  • 150 Photos

80 Pages

  • 200 Photos