Clarissa and Naoshi’s Wedding at Nikko Bali Hotel Resort & Spa

One of our highlights in October 2010 is surely Clarissa Utama and Naoshi Nakata’s wedding at the Wiwaha Chapel of Nikko Bali Hotel Resort & Spa, which followed by fine dine at The Shore. Do you know that Clarissa fold and made the origami paper cranes all by herself? Yup, all of them! Clarissa was also very excited about her wedding and also about having Windee as her wedding photographer. Needless to say, the photo results are great! We love the emotion and intimacy in her pictures, and it’s wonderful to know they love it as well. Read below for their complete testimonial.

After the wedding:
Dear Windee, Ary,& all the staff at Photofactory Bali,Thank you so much for all the pictures,we loved them! You truly captured what we were feeling and the mood of that day! Despite all the things that didn’t go as planned, Windee and the rest of the crew was just so nice and were able to do such a wonderful job! I’ve… always liked The Photofactory’s work but now I’m such an ultra fan! From beginning to end, it was just such a pleasure to work with u guys! keep rockin’!

Later on:

Thanks i already got the canvas and DVD… They’re really good! Thanks so much ya! Now I’m confused where we’re going to put it haha..well..thank u ya for everything! All the best for everyone..

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