Cindy and Alvan’s Fun Pre-Wedding in Bajra Sandhi, Bali

This is a story of two high school sweethearts (melancholy music starts) that start dating way back from Junior High school, and have a rockin’ pre-wedding at Bali!

Alvan was really fun to talk with, and Cindy is simply adorable and excited about their pre-wedding. Adding Cindy’s active and funky little sister, Rin, into the mixture, and we have a complete team for an extremely fun pre-wedding.

Under the hot Bali sun our team works together to get the best of Alvan and Cindy, and we are happy to say that it is well worth the effort :).

From the War Memorial (Bajra Sandhi) in the city center to Waterblow in Nusa Dua, and also all the way to Tanah Lot, it was a fun and great trip altogether.

Later on, Cindy tells us how happy they are with the results. Likewise, Cindy and Alvan, the pleasure is also ours!

From Cindy and Alvan:
We have received all the albums safely and we are really happy and satisfied with the result. I recommend all my relatives who wish to get married to Bali to take their pictures with Photo Factory. My dad told me I look like a doll, and I’m so happy. All my other relatives who saw my online picture gallery told me that the result is extremely good.

Really OK!!! I and Alvan are very happy.

We want to say thank you for the perfect service, and the special group for us,which can make us really enjoy the photo shoot amidst the awfully hot Bali that day.

Our sacrifice to posse in the extremely hot day is really worth it. Major thanks for all of you.

Keep contact!!! Success for Photo Factory Bali…. We love THE PHOTO FACTORY!!

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