Channy and Alex’s Lovely Wedding at Villa Phalosa, Bali

I secretly believe that seeing the awestruck look on your groom’s face as you (a.k.a the bride) walks gracefully down the aisle is simply worth the effort of organizing your wedding. And after viewing Chan Young Kim and Alex Tee’s wedding picture, I think you’ll feel the same ;) .

When I met Alex at our office, he told me how much he likes Bali and that is why he decided to get married here. They choose the newly opened Villa Phalosa in Seminyak as their wedding venue, which is an outdoor wedding, accompanied by the sounds of wave and the cool sea breeze.

You can see how happy they both are, their love just shine through!

Their wedding dinner was held afterward at the same venue. The beautiful dark blue sky creates the perfect atmosphere for the wedding, and everyone was simply enjoying themselves and having a wonderful time. Watch their video here. Later on, they conveyed their satisfaction with kind words below.

From Channy and Alex:
So sorry for not getting back to you earlier . We’ve not been able to spend alot of time back home after the honeymoon but its all back to normal now . Finally got to watch our video with some friends this last weekend , such a special time it was . Without question , it was the most blessed day of our lives . And the guests had a superb time too , im in the process of getting the photos and video to them now , very slow i know !!

Thanks sooo much you guys for capturing every moment of the day for us . its something we will keep and rewatch many more times , hopefully til our kids can get to see it too ! only ever want to convey the message that a committed , loving and outward looking relationship is worth anyone’s time ; and nothing better to covet than God’s blessings !

So yeah , a million thank yous , we would look to fill up some testimonial on your website too . and thanks for taking the time to write about our wedding on your blog !

If marriage is the union of two people that really love each other, then Channy and Alex fit perfectly to the description. Our best wishes to you both, Channy and Alex!

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