Chanelle and Chad’s Wedding at Niksoma Boutique Resort, Bali

Chanelle and Chad surprised one of our wedding consultant by suddenly visiting our office for a pre-wedding meeting in May, about 4 months before the wedding. The wedding consultant told us how glad she was to meet them prior, not only because it gives us a better insight on what to expect on their wedding but also because they’re so much fun to be with!

Chanelle was just stunning on her wedding day at Niksoma Boutique Resort, and Chad was looking tremendously great as well. But what really counts is the pure excitement from their friends and family. Smile and laughter was everywhere! And that means plenty of great photo opportunity for Windee and the team. Chanelle and Chad later inform us how happy they are with our work. Chanelle and Chad, the pleasure is also ours!

From Chanelle and Chad:
I would like to say we are so vey happy with the service you and your team have provided and the feedback we are recieving based on the photos and quality of the albums is just glowing, everyone is asking who are photographer was!

Another one on their anniversary:
We can’t believe that on Sunday we will have been married a whole year. Time certainly does fly.

Chad and I just absolutely LOVED our wedding photos. We cannot thank you enough for capturing our one and only day with such special photo’s.
Your photo’s were such a hit with one of my colleague here at work that he has booked you for their wedding in October!

Perhaps one day when Chad and I holiday together in Bali again with a family you could take some more photos for us.

All the best and thanks again.
Chanelle Calvert

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