Bram & Mariza: Simple Elegance with a touch of cuteness

Wedding on November 9, 2012

Our Story

We’d never known our other half until destiny brings us together. For us, it never across our mind (at all) that we will be in each other’s company. We are not strangers. We’ve known each other since we are kids, but when the time comes, we are amazed to find ourselves perfect together, that we are soul mates made for each other. So our story began and four years later we declared our love in front of the altar. We are so grateful for the wonderful day and it thought us to understand each other, to cherish each moment not only about us but also about all people around us.

Our Wedding

  • Ceremony            : St Francis Xavier / Fransiskus Xavierus Catholic Church (Kuta, Bali)
  • Reception            : Bella Cucina, Intercontinental Hotel (Jimbaran, Bali)
  • Groom suit by Cantarelli (Parker Co. shop, Perth, WA)
  • Wedding dress by Ella Bridals – now Stella York (Tuscany Bridal shop, Perth, WA)
  • Church decoration by Marigold / Fransisca Herawati (Bali)
  • Reception decoration by Intercontinental Hotel (Bali)
  • Hair and makeup by LONA Makeup (Bali)
  • Bride’s shoes by Benelli Shoes (Perth, WA)
  • Cake by Intercontinental Hotel (Bali)
  • Photographer and videographer by Photofactory (Bali)
  • Stationery by own arrangement / do it yourself
  • Wedding Organizer by own arrangement / do it yourself
  • Wedding rings by Kim T Jewelers (Singapore)

The Preparation

The key is communication between the wife and husband to-be, to understand what a wedding meant to us as a couple. We discussed and decided every key item for the day together. We wanted to have that day as an opportunity for our close families and friends and ourselves to celebrate our love for one another and the relationship we have. Unlike usual Indonesian wedding receptions, we preferred a small – simple party. We want it to be classic and fresh. So we tried to incorporate this inspiration.

We considered many locations to hold the celebration in Perth (we have moved from Jakarta to Perth) before finally decided to have it in Bali, Indonesia. The reason is simple. Most of our families are resided in Jakarta, Indonesia; it will be a hassle if they have to organize for a visa to go to Australia, so Bali Island is the perfect place, as it is located in the middle between Perth – Jakarta and the guests can have a small holiday not just to attend the wedding. We then found an ideal place that is located near to a calm beach and has both indoor and outdoor areas, with a combination of traditional and modern interior, which give you a soothing ambience. After that, we just had to organize everything from afar and communicate by emails. It is not easy, but everything was possible with the effort of everyone’s professionalism, great customer services and positive mind-set.

For the bridal gown, just say it’s a love at first sight. The dress is so elegant and enchanting, crafted with Satin Chiffon and features lovely Lace accents and a detachable stunning beaded single-shoulder strap. The wedding shoes were custom made and comfortable. For the groom attire, we got an exceptional suit with grayish cream color and matching gold vest and tie. For the bride’s butlers (we have two male best friends to be the bride’s maids) outfit, we just asked them to wear dark suits and we prepared silver vests and ties for them.

For the decorations: we picked a white and soft/pastel color theme flowers for the church decoration to give a bit touch of spring and sophistication; we then chose “Wayang” (Indonesian traditional puppet) to be our unique centerpiece.

For the food and beverages: we decided to have a fantastic range of traditional Balinese food and tea, perfect exotic delicacies/treats for the guests; we requested a nice but not too sweet three-tiered white chocolate wedding cake with chocolate ganache filling, decorated with icing, ribbon, and roses to tie in with the bouquet.

For the stationeries: we drew our own silhouette and caricatures also designed the wedding invitation, mass booklet, and thank you card ourselves with helps from friends to materialize it.

For the bouquet, we had roses in many soft colors and took one pink rose for the boutonnière.

The Wedding Day

It was raining in the early morning that day yet we woke up with excitement. We believed that it was going to be a bright day (and it was!). It all seemed quite slow until the bride’s mom and sister and bride’s butlers came to the bride’s room then it was the time to get going. The bride had been transformed, the groom had been polished, and we were ready to enjoy the whole day.

We were lucky, turned out our wedding day was the same day as an international forum event in Nusa Dua therefore we were not trapped in the usual traffic jam. It was a very smooth drive.

“Final Fantasy theme” music (from our favorite RPG game) was played for the wedding party grand entrance. Our priest to our surprise asked us to share our story and value in front of the guests during the homily. We then had the Piano Guys’ version of “A Thousands years” played softly when we’re declaring our wedding vows. The ceremony went for almost 2 hours but it felt like 5 minutes!

And it’s the time for the buffet lunch reception. We’re so amazed to see the cake. It was literally huge!

We had our cousin to give the speech as you can say it is because of her that we can be together like this.

We believe we successfully pulled it off with many guests saying it was the most comfortable and laid-back wedding they ever attended. We can see our guests were so relaxed even our mothers just could enjoy themselves.

We ended the celebration with a very nice and unforgettable photo session around the hotel and beach. The pictures with sunset background were just breathtaking.

All in all, that day really allowed us to appreciate each other and the company of our guests, who were all there for the same reason – to acknowledge the fact that we make each other so happy! If we were to do our wedding again, we would not change a thing – our wedding photographer, our cake, our wedding ceremony and reception were just perfect. A simple sophistication was just enough to achieve what we both wanted our wedding to be.

Words for friends and families

We would like to say THANK YOU so much to all families, friends and guests for supporting us, loving us over the years, and of course your blessings. You made our day! We wouldn’t be who we are today without all of you!

Words for the rest of the world

After all said and done, one thing for sure that we never regret our decision to get married, to be blessed and united officially. Despite all the hassles and long preparation for the special day, we’re glad that we arranged everything ourselves. Dream it and you will have it realized, even with a decent budget.

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