Announcement: Windee’s Going Solo

Dear all,

A few months ago I contemplated what I was doing with my work and my life. I envisioned:

1. Future clients come to me as old friends (I’ve had lots of clients becoming friends during and after shooting, but now I’d love to see them as old friends before the shooting),

2. Everything I do for my work flows freely from my heart, and

3. My purpose in life is to contribute to people’s long term authentic happiness.

To bring my visions into reality, I need to do my works on a very personal level, and the only way I see is to go solo. Please visit my blog for more of this.

Until April 30, 2011 I can be booked through PhotoFactory as well as through for any future date. Starting from May 1, 2011 I’m available only through

I still own beloved PhotoFactory, and am still member of the board of advisors.
I thank all clients, partners and PhotoFactory team members for all the wonderful experience all these years. I’m excited to see PhotoFactory growing further!



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