Angel and Dominik’s Pre-wedding Session in Bali

For many people, Bali means love. We believe Angel and Dominik also felt that way. Their pre-wedding session in Bali which were captured by Windee and PhotoFactory team showed the strong love they have for each other. And it is such beautiful feeling indeed, we’re so happy for the opportunity to capture it for them!

Excerpt from Angel and Dominik’s note for Windee:
“What strikes me most was the way Dominik looked at me after I put on make-up. It was if he couldn’t believe that his wife-to-be could look so pretty and he kept saying that Yani did a fantastic job (and she did!).”

“When we received our albums 2 days later, we were overjoyed (and still) with the quality of the photo shoot. They are exactly what we wanted.”

“All in all, we are truly impressed by the skills, the efficiency and the professionalism of Windee and his team.”

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