Amanda and Troy’s Wedding at Ayana Resort & Spa

There is nothing more beautiful and more decorative in a wedding than Love, and we found it in abundance at Amanda and Troy’s wedding at Ayana Resort & Spa. We love how Amanda and Troy keeps their affair simple without losing graceful touch. And the night celebration was simply amazing! Enjoy the photos, we know you will love them like we do ;)

From Amanda and Troy:
Hi Ary,
We received the photos yesterday and were truly blow away!! Thanks
for the amazing job well done! Because we eloped, we really wanted to
be able to share the experience with our family, and your photos
captured the day perfectly! If you don’t mind, I may submit them to a
wedding blog when I return to the US. I will be certain to credit
photofactory, and recommend you to my friends!!!

All the best,
Amy and Troy

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