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Windee Winata is founder and photographer of PhotoFactory. His works have been published in 5 continents. Works almost unnoticed, capturing the emotion and spirit of the day with an extraordinary warmth and candor, his wedding images are spontaneous, intimate and graceful.

He thinks of his works as a window of life that will recall who you are, what you were thinking, what made you laugh, what touched you, and how you felt. He is a master at capturing fleeting expression and gestures. His aim is to remind you of the event, the people, the surroundings and the emotions on your special day.

Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a master’s degree in Automotive Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin, Windee joined the Mercedes-Benz development team at the Mercedes-Benz R&D headquarter in Sindelfingen, Germany, and became an expert in the field of passenger car passive safety. After resided in Germany for 11 years, his love for Bali and passion for photography brought him back to his hometown. Now living in Bali, Windee is available for international travel for destination weddings.

He is the only Indonesian photographer appointed to enter The Artistic Guild, a division within the Prestigious WPJA which specifically promotes Fine Art Wedding Photojournalism. He’s also been named “The Person to Watch” by Peak Magazine.

Windee’s non-wedding fine art works can be viewed at  windeewinata.com.

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