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Jasmine and Matthew’s Wedding at Sinaran Surga Uluwatu

2017-06-08T14:46:50+00:00 Wedding|

3 words to describe Jasmine and Matthew's fabulous wedding at Sinaran Surga: Smiles, Swing, Splash! Everything in their wedding was just picture perfect: the dress, the details and decorations, the stunning location, and most importantly the love and the fun. Our personal favorite was how great their wedding party was, and also the bride and [...]

Eka and Dayat’s “Rocking” Wedding at Sinaran Surga Villa, Bali

2017-06-08T14:50:27+00:00 Wedding|

It is difficult to use any other words but luxurious (and also "rocking!") to describe Eka and Dayat’s wedding in Sinaran Surga. The all white themed that Eka and Dayat choose for the wedding matched perfectly with the white décor of Sinaran Surga, making everything looks brilliant and elegant. The guests consists not only their [...]

Bali Wedding Venues


Wedding Venues in Bali Still deciding which venue is most suitable for your big day?Here are blog articles of some of the weddings and pre-weddings that we captured in 250+ venues in Bali. These blog articles will give you an insight (and also great photos) of the weddings and pre-weddings held [...]