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Jacinta and David’s Wedding at Villa Pemutih, Bali

2017-06-08T14:47:04+00:00 Wedding|

Love. The. Dress!!! Yes, and the smile. And the love. And the gorgeous cliff top location. And the stunning sunset at Villa Pemutih. And how lovely Jacinta and David look together. And the happiness. Ok, we love every aspect of this beautiful wedding. We're guessing you would fall in love with the pictures too! Kudos [...]

Miriam and Brad’s Wedding at Villa Pemutih

2017-06-08T14:49:09+00:00 Wedding|

Miriam and Brad describes their wedding photos as "breath taking". It's small surprise considering that great couple make great pictures, and Miriam and Brad was nothing less than superb! The venue itself, Villa Pemutih, was awesome enough, perched on a cliff with ocean below; yet it was the intimacy between them and their attending guests [...]

Angelique and Mitchell’s Wedding Video at Villa Pemutih

2017-06-08T14:50:56+00:00 Wedding|

The video service for Angelique and Mitchell's wedding was coordinate by Angelique's aunt and was a surprise for her. They were so excited upon hearing the news, and we catch on as well :) Just like Angelique and Mitchell, the video is fun, happy, and really rocks! Watch the video and read their kind words [...]

Vicki and Justin’s Wedding at Villa Pemutih

2017-06-08T14:50:57+00:00 Wedding|

Fun fact about Vicki and Justin's wedding at Villa Pemutih, taken from their e-mail to us: - Theme/Style: Simple, yet stylish and elegant. Bali and our wedding venue (Villa Pemutih) has so much natural beauty and colour, so we chose to keep the colour theme white and green. Our guests were asked to dress in [...]

Shonna & Jason’s Wedding at Villa Pemutih, Bali

2017-06-08T14:51:12+00:00 Wedding|

One common theme that you might noticed in Shonna and Jason's wedding pictures at Villa Pemutih is the origami. The colorful paper was folded carefully all by Shonna herself to form cranes and boxes (which is functioned as lantern, mind you). When we met before the wedding Shonna told me she hope it wouldn't rain, [...]

Vicky and David’s Wedding at Villa Pemutih, Bali

2017-06-08T14:51:13+00:00 Wedding|

Vicky and David's wedding at Villa Pemutih is really a dream-like wedding. Windee and the team are having so much fun working with them, and so are Vicky and David! The pastel color, sepia and beautiful surroundings help to create such wonderful photos. From Vicky & David: "We both wanted to send you a quick [...]

Gillian Walker and Steve Lowrie’s Wedding at Villa Pemutih, Bali

2017-06-08T14:53:13+00:00 Wedding|

Beautiful Gillian was simply radiant in her wedding day with Steve in Villa Pemutih, Jimbaran. With beautiful scenery around them and happy faces of their friends and families, no wonder their pictures were absolutely beautiful! Read their testimonial below. Thank you Gillian and Steve, it's a pleasure to capture your beautiful wedding. From Gillian & [...]

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Wedding Venues in Bali Still deciding which venue is most suitable for your big day?Here are blog articles of some of the weddings and pre-weddings that we captured inĀ 250+ venues in Bali. These blog articles will give you an insight (and also great photos) of the weddings and pre-weddings held [...]