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Meg Roberts and Shane Kent’s Garden Wedding at The Legian, Bali

2017-06-08T14:53:29+00:00 Wedding|

Imagining descending the stairs gracefully, to take your wedding vow on neatly manicured green lawn around you and the sea in front of you. Dreamy, isn't it? That's also what we feel when capturing Meg and Shane's garden wedding in The Legian. As the flower girls and the bride descending from The Stairs of Heaven [...]

Bali Wedding Venues


Wedding Venues in Bali Still deciding which venue is most suitable for your big day?Here are blog articles of some of the weddings and pre-weddings that we captured inĀ 250+ venues in Bali. These blog articles will give you an insight (and also great photos) of the weddings and pre-weddings held [...]