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Stephanie & Jesse’s Wedding at Villa Kayu Manis, Bali

2017-06-08T14:47:37+00:00 Wedding|

Stephanie & Jesse fly all the way from Okinawa, Japan to have their wedding in magical Bali. The day started out with photo sessions of them at the Villa Kayu Manis Nusa Dua, and followed by a lovely beach wedding (plus more photo session!). The wedding includes sandy beach, blue ocean, unforgettable sunset, flowers everywhere, [...]

Betsy and Kade’s Wedding at Kayu Manis Nusa Dua

2017-06-08T14:48:22+00:00 Wedding|

We cannot stressed enough the importance of wedding planning (and preparation shots!). For two people only or for two hundreds, there is no such thing as over-planning. Betsy and Kade plan their little elopement at Kayu Manis Nusa Dua carefully, and have plenty of communication with us prior to the big day by e-mails to [...]

Bali Wedding Venues


Wedding Venues in Bali Still deciding which venue is most suitable for your big day?Here are blog articles of some of the weddings and pre-weddings that we captured inĀ 250+ venues in Bali. These blog articles will give you an insight (and also great photos) of the weddings and pre-weddings held [...]