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Weddings at Ayana Resort


Weddings at Ayana Resort Bali 12 years we've been covering weddings at Ayana Resort Bali. Through the years every aspect has been steadily enhanced, and expanded; No wonder Ayana is and has always been one of world's most stunning places to get married. The endless breathtaking sceneries, [...]

Belinda and Nigel’s Wedding at Ayana Resort & Spa

2017-06-08T14:48:53+00:00 Wedding|

And the road (and happiness) goes on forever... At least that what we feel upon seeing Belinda and Nigel's wedding venue at Kisik Jetty, Ayana Resort & Spa. The wooden bridge stretch far towards the ocean, and their Buddhist ceremony was held right at the end of it. Don't forget their smile, their huge radiant [...]

Nicole and Trevor’s Wedding at Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali

2017-06-08T14:50:14+00:00 Wedding|

Garden wedding, checked. Beach wedding, checked. Cliff top wedding, checked. But how about a jetty wedding? Nicole and Trevor celebrate their wedding in style at Ayana's Kisik Jetty. The vow exchange was done at the edge of the jetty with ocean around them. Beautiful indeed! Nicole and Trevor's happiness match the beautiful setting perfectly though [...]

Bali Wedding Venues


Wedding Venues in Bali Still deciding which venue is most suitable for your big day?Here are blog articles of some of the weddings and pre-weddings that we captured in 250+ venues in Bali. These blog articles will give you an insight (and also great photos) of the weddings and pre-weddings held [...]